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Current Training Facilities

New Training Facilities

Trojan Training Facilities Update: The Tusky Valley Trojan Booster Club has successfully raised sufficient money to start renovation of the training facilities. Phase #1, #2 & #3 are complete.  Below are pictures of the new racks, jump boxes and locker room upgrades. We again want to thank the Reeves foundation for their $60,000 grant and the Zimmerman Foundation that awarded us a $6000 grant which has enabled this to happen. Also contributing to the project was a $5,000 private donation and the $10,000 raised during the TV Trojan Booster Club annual golf outing this past May.


Phase #1 – Add a wall to section off an area in the training facilities building in order to move the boys home locker room from the main school building to the training facilities building adjacent to the wresting room. (This now puts the boys locker room adjacent to the football, wrestling, and track coaches’ offices.) In addition, we also funded the renovation of the current lockers in the main school building and moved them to the new locker room. This was completed this summer, in addition were also able to purchase new jump training boxes.

new lockers 8-21.jpg
new jump boxes.jpg

Phase #2 – Clean, paint and reorganize the current weight room in the training building.

Phase #3 – Replace the current dilapidated equipment to ensure more modernized/trustworthy apparatus for our student athletes in the weight room. 

Twitter Video of new equipment being installed.

New Rack.jpg

Phase #4 – Add supplementary rehabilitation and therapy equipment. **More details to come**