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Tusky Valley Trojan Boosters

The goal of the Tusky Valley Trojan Booster Club (TVTBC) is to promote and support the interscholastic athletic programs of Tuscarawas Valley High School.


The TVTBC raises money to support Tusky Valley Athletics through various fund raisers and activities. (Our current efforts are going to renovate our training facilities) The TVTBC also helps support and manage each individual sports fundraising efforts. The club strives to ensure the money the community donates whether to the general fund or to a designated sport is used wisely.



Becoming a member is easy, just simply attend one of the monthly meetings (held the first Monday of every month in the high school Trojan Center) and ask to be added to the TVTBC member list. You'll be asked for a phone number, email address and what sports your children participate in. (You don't have to currently have a child participating in a sport to be a member; Alumni, Grandparents, Uncles & Aunts, etc. are encouraged to join also!) Your obligations as a member are determined by you; feel free to participate in the fund raising efforts and social events as much or as little as you like. If you can't make it to the next meeting contact current TVTBC President Adam Ernst, he can be reached at  or 330-243-6285.

How it works, Officers serve 1 year terms and Board members serve 3 year terms. Each officer is also a current Board Member. Officers and board members are elected annually at the April meeting.

Any TV Trojan Booster member can head up a committee or serve on a committee. The current committee teams are...

Committee Chairperson & Committee Members

Local Community Grants – Chairperson Aaron Hawkins; Committee Members Sarah Perkowski, Mike Horger, Jenn Binsley 

Golf Outing – Chairperson Jason Bandy, Committee Members Adam Ernst, Sara Perkowski, Chad Markle, Jacy Norris 

Ball Drop – Chairperson Chad Markle; Committee Members Adam Ernst, Annette Huffman, Sarah Perkowski

Night at the Races – Co-chairpersons Amy Burrier & Jenn Binsley; Committee Members April Ernst, Sara Perkowski   

Trojan 250 Club – Chairperson Mike Horger

Sports Programs & Patron Ads – Chairperson Brooke Yager

Concessions & Booster Barn– Chairperson April Ernst; Committee Members Jenn Binsley

50/50 Sales – Chairperson Mike Horger; Committee Members Adam Ernst, Annette Huffman, Sarah Perkowski, Chad Markle

Cornhole Tournament – Chairperson Chad Markle

Alumni Basketball Game – Chairperson Tyler Burrier; Committee Members Amy Burrier

Social Media – Mike Horger website – Adam Ernst

Board Member Nomination / Membership Outreach – Adam Ernst

What we do...

Tusky Valley Trojan Boosters

How to get involved...

How it works...

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